Baking is an Art

When our family decided to open Lamp Post Diner & Bakery, we knew our baked goods would be the start of the show. From pies and cookies to muffins and cheesecakes, you’ll want to try them all!

Amazing baked goods take time, talent, and experience—and that’s what you’ll find at Lamp Post Diner. We make everything right here, from scratch, using the best ingredients- no short-cuts. Check out our full bakery display, from cookies to cannoli, muffins, cakes, and pies—enjoy them with a cup of coffee in our clean, welcoming dining room, or take them home for your next family gathering. We even offer cookies by the pound. Pie a la mode, old-fashioned rice pudding, and thick milkshakes are all the real deal. For a true indulgence, try our signature Lamp Post Brownie Cheesecake. You won’t believe your taste buds.

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